Press. Style and fashion press regularly feature jewellery and interviews by William Cheshire. It emphasises the collections are always in fashion rather than a reaction to it.

Tatler featuring the Chrysler bracelet

Elle featuring Silas charm bracelet by William Cheshire

Vogue featuring the Casino ring

Rodeo featuring the Truth ring

Rodeo featuring the Pill necklace for Silas by William Cheshire

Cosmopolitan Bride featuring the Casino ring

The Goldsmith featuring William Cheshire Atelier

The Goldsmith featuring the Lagos necklace and London City Scroll necklace

The Face featuring the Swimmer necklace with the Petrol Head necklace

Pimp featuring Truth ring and Wallpaper Wrist Cuff

Loaded featuring Petrol Head Lapel Pin and ring

Loaded featuring Petrol Head and Lightning Bolt necklace with black diamonds

Vice featuring Leather Tassel bracelet

GQ featuring Safety Pin necklace and ring for Silas by William Cheshire

iD featuring Japanese Throwing Star necklaces for Silas by William Cheshire

iD featuring Chrysler necklace

WWD featuring jewellery shoot by William Cheshire

Up Street featuring Kasabian wearing Silas plectrum necklace by William Cheshire

Retail Jeweller featuring Lightning Bolt Collection

Jewellery Focus featuring Lightning Bolt Collection

Guardian featuring Wallpaper Wrist Cuff

Disorder featuring Truth and Electricity ring

FHM featuring Chrysler necklace